Introduction of the Programme

The Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration was established in 1993. The aim of the Doctoral School is to create an active national and international research environment at relevant topics for research degree students, who deal with related issues in small and medium size enterprises of private, public sector also in a theoretical and empirical manner. The sectors as agriculture and food industry are in the center of our research. 

Language of programme is Hungarian and English. In the last 10 years we have seen a growing interest both from developed and developing countries to have doctoral studies in English at our Doctoral School.  Currently there are more than 40 students arriving from Germany, Canada, China, India, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Kosovo, Syria, Moldavia, Russian Federation, Syria, Macedonia,   Libya, and Qatar. Over the past decade more than 20 foreign students have finished the program and got PhD degree.

The main topics of the Management and Business Administration Doctoral School are the following:

  • Environmental Agricultural Food economics
  • Business management and Strategic Enterprise Development
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Management and Leadership
  • Marketing and Supply Chain Management

The programme is 2+2 years long.  The aim of the first two years is the formulation of theoretical and methodological background to research work in general and in the selected area. It contains compulsory and optional subjects too. In this period it is necessary to start research work and publication activities too. The second part of the program is focusing on empirical research, publication of results and completion of dissertation, consulting time to time with your supervisor. At the last year (7-8th semester), after passed all the exams and do the publication requirements it is possible to do the home defence and at the end of the semester you can defend your thesis.

The key objective of the program is to support the network building and the gaining international recognition. The Doctoral School has many contacts in the business world, research institutions and with high quality national and international universities, which allows students to do their project at a sufficient environment. In order to improve and promote the networking of professionalism professors from internationally recognized foreign universities are also invited as lecturers. Our professors are members of international scientific organizations members of organizing committees of international conferences and some of them are members of editorial board of international journals as well which also help to meet the international standard of publication requirements.